Buying a stroller for your little one has never been more challenging. There is a wider array of choices than ever with models that seem to include features that few parents would need. Finding one that meets your needs, budget, and provides a safe, secure, and comfortable ride for your baby can seem overwhelming. With this in mind, we’ll provide a quick list of five tips that will help you make the decision that is best for you and your infant. You’ll notice that we avoid recommending a particular brand or model. The reason is that each stroller poses advantages and drawbacks that must be considered in light of your personal circumstances.

Choosing a baby stroller

Inspect the safety features

Chances are, this will be your highest priority. You’ll want to make sure your little one is safe while sitting in her stroller. Test its stability. Look for wheel stops. Hang a reasonably heavy weight of one of the handles and check to see whether the front wheels leave the ground. Look for a 5-point harness that ensures your baby will be strapped in securely. Also, make a note of any rough edges where pinching or scratching may occur.

Take it for a test drive

qsdfdfYou’ll want to make sure the stroller you’re considering feels sturdy and maneuvers well while in use. The only reliable way you’ll be able to determine these things is to test drive it. Push the stroller down the store’s aisles and take a few sharp corners. Back it up to see how quickly it travels backward. Tip it from side to side to get a better idea regarding its sturdiness. If you’re buying a stroller online, check local stores to see whether they have the same model in stock. If they do, test it before buying.

Streamline for an active lifestyle

Some models come equipped with so many bells and whistles that pushing them is cumbersome. This may be tolerable if you enjoy having every amenity at your fingertips. On the other hand, if you enjoy being on the go, consider a lightweight model that has been stripped down to its essentials. They’re easier to travel with because they weigh far less than their feature-heavy counterparts. But they provide all of the normal comforts while being easier to collapse and stash away.

Know your types

A lot of new parents are surprised to learn there are several types of strollers; each is designed for a different purpose. You’re already familiar with full-size models that offer an assortment of features. Travel systems combine features of lightweight strollers and car seats. Umbrella strollers are even lighter and more streamlined than thin models while “doubles” are designed for multiple kids. Lastly, joggers are built for parents who enjoy active lifestyles and want to take their children (older than six months) along for the ride.

Consider joggers

ewdfredwThese models are designed to handle various terrains. They’re equipped with strong suspension systems, durable tires, functional brakes, and an aerodynamic frame. The seat is comfortable for your baby, and the frame will absorb most of the shock from the ground. If you enjoy jogging, this is an ideal solution. However, keep in mind that these models are harder to collapse, potentially making them unwieldy for everyday travel.