How To Make Your Mattresses Last Longer

A mattress can be quite an investment, and they are important as we spend a lot of our lives sleeping. This means that you don’t want it to go bad too soon. There are a few very simple things that you can do that will help you make your mattress last much longer. They can make an enormous difference and save you money in the long run.

weqdsfderfThe first thing to do is to try to use your mattress for just sleeping. There can be quite a bit of wear and tear on the mattress if you are on it all day long. Mattresses are for sleeping, not playing or hanging out. We won’t argue if you want to have sex on it, however. Staying off the mattress and doing other things will help you keep it lasting much longer.

Make your mattress last longer

  • Teach your children not to jump on the mattress as it will wear it out quickly. This can be tough as children love to jump, and mattresses are fun places to jump. Try to teach them about not doing this as much if you want your mattress to care for more. Explain why it is important.
  • You will need to get into the habit of rotating the mattress every few months. Not only do you rotate it around but you also have to flip it as well. There are four different positions that you can keep your mattress in at any point in time. You may help someone to do this depending on mattress size and your strength.
  • Use sheets and keep these cleaned up. Change these at least once a week. Keeping dirt or grime from getting on the mattress will help the materials last much longer.
  • Use a pad or comforter on the mattress. This can increase its comfort and life. This helps keep wear and tear from getting to the mattress as easily.
  • Be sure that you get a mattress cover. These will help protect the mattress as well as give you some benefits with allergies at times. They are inexpensive and widely available.
  • ewdsdrFrom time to time you are going to need to vacuum your mattress. Get out the attachments to your vacuum and make sure that you get the dirt and dust out of the mattress as best as possible.
  • Doing more of these things will help your mattress last much longer. If properly cared for, you will see results.