The Mouse Trap Mistakes to Avoid

The mice are pests that are problematic. When they gain access to your house or yard, they are capable of feeding on anything and everything. One of the most common ways in which people get rid of the mice is using the mouse traps.

However, as much as you might be using the mouse traps, you might not be getting the results that you desire because of the mistakes that you are making. This article highlights some of the mistakes so that you can avoid them. By avoiding them, your mouse traps will be more effective.

Keep your hands off

bait One of the common mistakes that people make is touching the bait with their bare hands. Well, you should know that the mice have a great sense of smell and are able to tell the smell of human hands.

Mice will therefore, stay away from such bait. To prevent scenting the baits with your smell, it is highly recommended that you use the hand gloves. After you have captured the mouse, also use the hand gloves to capture the trap to protect yourself from the possible contamination.

Use the right food

The other mistake that many people make is using the wrong food on the mouse trap. Firstly, you should note that the mice just like the other rodents are primarily seed and nut eaters. This means that the mice will be attracted to bait with the seeds and nuts and not the one with cheese. Since mice need calories, they may also try chocolates.

Different seasons

Different seasons call for different methods of dealing with the mice. For instance, during winter, the temperatures usually drop drastically thereby making the mice to look for a warmer environment which in most cases is usually indoors. During such times, the mice usually focus on building their nests. You can easily trap them by providing the materials of buildings nests as bait like cotton, twine, yarn, dental floss, and dried grass.

Results take time

Many people expect to see instant results whenever they place baits. It is crucial to note that the mice are one of the most intelligent creatures. Whenever you introduce a new object on the path that they frequent, they will be weary. Whenever you put a trap give it a few days for the mouse to acclimatize to the new environment. Once it acclimatizes you can now put the bait to attract it to the trap.

Wrong place

location Another common mistake that many people make is placing the trap at a wrong place. The mice generally fear open areas and therefore love going round the perimeter walls. The mice also love moving around the dark rooms and areas.

Consider putting your traps in such an area so that you increase the chances of your mice coming in contact with the trap. Watch the video below on how to best choose a mouse trap.