Holiday Shopping Smart Savings Tips

The fastest ways to spend more money than you need to be by not having a budget and by getting distracted. In today’s economy, it’s more essential than ever to be conscientious about where your money is going.

Tips on shopping smart on holidays

Write down your list with a set budget

qasddfMake sure the list contains the names of people you need to buy gifts for, gift ideas, and a budget per person. While the budget is per person, make sure to add all the numbers up and that they are within your total overall budget. Knowing who to buy gifts for help prevent you from coming up with additional people to add to the list… Setting and sticking to a price per gift helps keep you from ‘upgrading’ once you get tempted at a store. Stay focused and in control.

Shop the Black Friday

Black Friday temptation sales where you end up buying things not entirely appropriate, too many of an item because they are so cheap or items for yourself can throw any budget off track. If you have a carefully thought out list that is written down, you can stay focused and go in only for those items that meet the qualifications on your list. Buy gifts that are worth and important to the people you are buying for.

Time is money for more reasons

Time shopping is taking time away from something else you could be doing, and the longer you spend shopping, the more money you will pay! Make sure you allow yourself a fixed amount of time because the longer you stay, the more temptation you will expose yourself.

Don’t Panic

ssdadPeople do not make sound decisions when in panic mode, and it’s easy to think in panic mode when it’s after work, and you want to get home, or the store is about to close. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Schedule time for shopping when you are at ease and are ready to set out and tackle your list. Holiday shopping should not be a dreaded time. After all, the malls and stores are well-decorated, there’s a festive mood in the air, and there are usually more sales people and longer hours. It should be a more convenient and fun time to shop. With a clear strategy and a calm state of mind, set out to buy for your loved ones. Enjoy the experience, feel in control and live the spirit of the season!